The Store

Record City buys, sells, trades, vintage music and audio gear.
LP's, CD's Cassettes and even 8-Tracks along with everything you'll need to play them.


Wide Variety of music

From A-Z, you'll find a good selection in most genres. Abba to Zappa on Vinyl, CD, Cassette Tapes and the odd 8-Track. All of our stock is quality tested and reasonably priced, including audio gear. Local and Record City past performer music also available...
Have some music or equipment kicking around not being played? Bring it by, we love good music and we love playing it. Buy, sell or trade with Record City anytime.

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We have a fine collection of gently used instruments waiting to be brought to their forever homes. Amps, cords and other accessories are also in need of regular use.
Have something you're not using? Bring it by, we consign instruments and gear, we'd love to have a look.


Memerobilia, posters and event tickets

Old posters, figurines, pictures and other rock memorabilia can be found here. We may not have a lot but we love what we have and are always open to buy/sell or trade anything music related.

Find and/or sell your event tickets here...